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Aug. 31st, 2006 | 12:57 pm
music: abandoned pools --> armed to the teeth

hey lj world.  much like in real life, our friendship was strong but then i disappeared for a bit.  that's just my thing, i suppose.

i'm super bored at work right now.  today is free lunch day though.  i have my delicious smoked turkey cafe sandwich and vegetable soup from panera here in front of me on my desk.  i wish i had remembered to mention no onions.  oh well.  apparently panera has this onion bread.  ew, man - how much sicker can you make a peice of bread?  onions should be used sparingly at all times.

while i'm at it, i think i'll say a few more things about food.

first things first.  tomatoes are some of the coolest fruits on the planet.  so good.
next.  white condiments, with the exception of cream cheese, are scary.  tartar sauce, horseradish, mayo, etc.  keep them away from me.
terciary thoughts:  i bet tyrannasaurus rex was tasty fuckin dinner.  can you imagine?  mmmm... i can.

i have a round cactus with three pink flowers on top of it.  it's really cute but dangerous - which makes me like it even more.  so here's the thing... should i water it at all?  ever?  also, i'm about to move to an office with a door (yaaay!) but without a window (booo!)  does my cactus need light?  i know it can go without water but light too?  sounds like a death recipe to me.

so my classes seem to be going well.  it's only been one week but my teachers all seem well spoken, well educated and all those other things that you look for in a good professor - the likes of which i haven't particularly seen neither at nova or at mason up until this week.

ok, there are definately too many onions on this sandwich.  can't complain though.  it's free lunch!  byaaa!

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From: sticky_sweet311
Date: Sep. 7th, 2006 05:02 pm (UTC)

tartar sauce is hell ooze. you shouldn't eat it. it's nassssty.

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